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What is the Latest Treatment for Myopia/Nearsightedness?

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Does red light help with myopia/nearsightedness?

What is the effect of repeated low-level red light therapy in myopia control?

Recent studies have found that low-level red light therapy (RLRL) is a promising and effective new alternative treatment for myopia control [2]. RLRL involves delivering light to the retina directly for a short duration, and results from a recent study showed that over two-thirds of the myopic children achieved a 0.05mm axial length shortening through RLRL [2]. The 12-month axial elongation and spherical equivalent refraction progression were significantly lower in the RLRL treatment group than in the single-vision spectacle (SVS) only group [2]. RLRL treatment increased blood flow, metabolism of the fundus, and may ameliorate scleral hypoxia and restoration of scleral collagen levels [2]. Treatment efficacy increased with improved treatment compliance [2]. With the latest developments in myopia control, infrared light therapy is becoming a popular choice for patients seeking more personalized care, quality service, local support, flexibility, convenience, and competitive pricing offered by independent optometrists.

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