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The unique optical properties of RingBoost™ technology are directly linked to the potential to slow the progression of myopia.5 In fact, in as little as 6 months, Abiliti™ 1-Day reduced axial elongation by 0.105mm on average. Generally speaking, 0.18mm corresponds to approximately 0.5D of myopia.†,2

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@ 180 Optometry & Eyewear is taking a proactive approach with Acuvue's Abiliti 1-Day contact lenses by being the FIRST in Vancouver to offer this therapeutic lens to our patients!
With Acuvue's Abiliti myopia control soft contact lenses, pain-free myopia management just makes sense!

Let's change the game on myopia!!  Book your child's myopia control consult today!!

How Much Do Abiliti 1-Day Contact Lenses Cost at Our Clinic?

Abiliti 1-Day Contact lens Cost: $41 per 30-pack. 


Please Note:  We do not sell individual Abiliti contact lens boxes to patients who are not part of the Abiliti Myopia Program at our clinic.  Due to the Health Canada indication for use of Abiliti, and because the product is primarily for use by pediatric patients, these contacts are only issued by a registered eyecare professional who also monitors patient progress.


@180 Optometry and Eyewear Abiliti Myopia Program:


Starter supply:  If you’re interested in having your child experience the Abiliti contact lens, we would be happy to provide them with an initial consultation for $65.00 and an insertion/removal training for $75.00/hour.  After successful completion of the insertion/removal session, trial lenses are given to your child to take home and wear until the one week follow-up appointment.  At the one week follow-up, if your child has adapted well to the contacts, a three-month starter pack is ordered at $246 (6-30pks @ $41/box) and the Abiliti Follow-up Care Package is charged to proceed with the program.

Follow-up Care Package:  Once Dr. Yee determines that your child's Abiliti contact lenses are fitting correctly and the prescription is accurate, follow-ups will be done at 3 month intervals for the first year your child is on Abiliti.  We charge a mandatory Abiliti Follow-up Care Package at $450.00 which includes up to 6 follow-up visits during the first year (1-week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months).  At these follow-up appointments, your child's prescription will be updated and their next 3 month supply of contacts will be ordered (not included in the cost of our Follow-up Care Package).  We recommend that children using myopia control treatments be followed by Dr. Yee every 3 months to ensure that the prescription is as accurate as possible so the treatment provides the desired outcome. We also want to ensure that your child doesn't experience contact lens-related issues that hinders them from wearing them.

  • Cost of the next 3 month supply of Abiliti contacts is separate from the cost of the Follow-up Care Package.

  • Consistency in treatment is critical to achieving maximum clinical benefits. It’s recommended that children wear the Abiliti contact lens 6-days a week for at least 12 hours a day.

  • An up-to-date backup pair of myopia control eyeglasses is strongly recommended for when they are not wearing Abiliti lenses.

  • Results will vary with each child.  Progress generally are not seen until the 6 month follow-up.

  • After your child's 12 month/one year follow-up, a 6 month supply of Abiliti contacts can be purchased and follow-ups will be at 6 month intervals from that point forward.

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