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What Does a Diabetic Eye Exam Look Like?

What are the most common eye problems in diabetes?

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Diabetes can drastically affect your vision.

Is a diabetic eye exam different from a regular eye exam?

Diabetic eye exams are similar to regular eye exams in many ways. However, during a diabetic eye exam, your eye doctor will specifically focus on the health of your eye.

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@ 180 Optometry & Eyewear provides thorough diabetic eye health exams all 100% covered by MSP. Short appointment wait times and state-of-the-art equipment.

Do you have to pay for a diabetic eye health exam in Vancouver, BC?

Nope! @ 180 Optometry offers free diabetic eye health exams covered 100% by MSP.

You just need to email a GP or NP referral to our office. Go to our website for more details.


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