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Unveiling the Future of Eye Care: Annual Axial Length Measurements Now Fully Covered by MSP!

Welcome to our cutting-edge optometry clinic in Kitsilano, Vancouver, dedicated to proactive eye care. We are proud to be the first in the area to offer annual axial length measurements, covered entirely by MSP. This revolutionary service plays a crucial role in assessing the progression of myopia, a rapidly growing eye condition often seen early in children.

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Axial Length measurements 100% covered by MSP at 180 Optometry

Benefits of Axial Length Measurements

  • Early Detection: Axial length measurements enable early detection of myopia progression, allowing for timely intervention and management.

  • Myopia Control: Tracking axial length annually is essential in controlling myopia early in life, minimizing its impact on vision and eye health in the long term.

Expert Myopia Management

Dr. Yee specializes in myopia management. She is well-versed in all aspects of myopia control treatments, including atropine drops, contact lenses, and defocusing eyewear. She understands the importance of annual eye exams in children and emphasizes the significance of getting axial measurements yearly to proactively track myopia progression.

Empower Your Child's Vision

Prioritize your child's vision and future eye health by scheduling an annual eye exam with axial length measurements at our state-of-the-art clinic. Take the proactive step towards myopia control and long-term eye health. Contact us at to book your appointment today!

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