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No More Constant Referrals! One and Done Referral System for Continuous Eye Care is Now Available in the Kitsilano Area of Vancouver, BC!

Introducing the PEP at @180 Optometry and Eyewear! A Program that is Hassle-Free, 100% MSP Covered, and Simple! Goodbye Constant Referrals!

In response to the recent changes in the referral process in BC as of July 1, 2023, the MSC Payment Schedule underwent vital modifications to enhance the re-referral process. The evolving challenges experienced by patients, referring practitioners, and consultants regarding re-referrals prompted these essential changes, particularly when additional consultations were deemed necessary by both the patient and consultant.

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Our Proactive Eyecare Program was created after many of our patients found re-referrals to ophthalmologists frustrating!

The Persistent Challenge

Specialists/Consultants have been circumventing the Implicit Re-referral (IRR)/Subsequent Consultation (SC) option by persistently requesting re-referrals every six months, creating a frustrating burden for patients. Denial of a re-referral gives the specialist rights to request patients to pay the balance for any repeat testing the specialist deems necessary. If the patient cannot bear the cost of that additional testing, it potentially compromises the quality of care.

Introducing The Proactive Eyecare Program (PEP) at @180 Optometry & Eyewear

Our optometry clinic recognizes the inconvenience and financial strain placed on patients with eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or hypertensive retinopathy. The Proactive Eyecare Program (PEP) offers a solution by providing 100% MSP-covered eye health exams every six months with just a single, one time referral from a general practitioner or a nurse practitioner.

A Superior Alternative

With the PEP, patients receive timely, comprehensive eye health exams without enduring prolonged wait times. Our clinic's advanced technology ensures patients receive a high standard of care at no additional cost. Furthermore, the program offers eyeglass prescription updates for a nominal fee, a service not provided by ophthalmologists.


Despite efforts to streamline the referral process, specialists and consultants continue to exploit loopholes, placing patients in a predicament of inadequate care or unnecessary financial burdens. The PEP at our clinic represents a revolutionary approach to delivering uncompromised standard of care without financial barriers.

Invest in your vision health with the PEP – the superior choice for continuous, hassle-free eye care.

Please have your GP or nurse practitioner email over a referral if you have either diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, early macular degeneration, or have strong family histories of glaucoma or macular degeneration.

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