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Tips to Protect Your Child From Myopia

Kids learn and grow through their ability to see. However, the prevalence of myopia is becoming a problem in children. It's essential that kids get the best support for their eyes.

Here are some tips to protect your child from myopia.

  1. Regular eye exams are important in early detection & slowing down myopia. Children's vision should be checked yearly.

  2. Limit time on digital devices and keep them at a distance (child's arm length).

  3. Turn on the light. Bright light inspires bright ideas!

  4. The 20-20-20 Rule. For every 20 mins. of close work, take a 20sec. break, looking at something 20 feet away.

  5. Make sure kids get enough sleep.

  6. Increase outdoor activities.

Book your child's eye exam today!

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