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Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Child's First Eye Exam

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Booking your child's first eye exam may be daunting if he/she has never had their eyes checked. Going to a new doctor's office may be scary for them because they don't know what to expect or they don't understand what will happen.

If your child has never had an eye exam, here's what to expect... (and I've been practicing for over 15 years and I've examined many children over that period of time).

  • It starts with a visual acuity check to see what your child sees exactly.

  • A cover test is done to check how well their eyes work together and to diagnose lazy eye

  • Color vision is assessed with a plate test

  • A light is used to check your child's pupil and retinal reflexes

  • "Which lens looks clearer, one or two?" A refraction is done to fine tune your child's prescription

  • A slit lamp is like a microscope the doctor uses to assess the front & back surfaces of your child's eyes

  • Depending on the results, eye drops may be administered. You may need to reassure your child so they are not afraid of getting drops or "water" in their eyes

  • Of course, children also get rewarded for participating in "the games" at their appointment

It's important to get your child's eyes examined before they start kindergarten because myopia or nearsightedness begins to show between 5 and 12 years of age.

Contact our office or 604-568-5378 to book an eye exam for your child today!


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