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The Eye Opening Risks of Gua Sha

Becoming a popular at-home facial regime, Gua Sha is a Chinese practice of massaging the skin on the face and body with stone or ceramic tools. This technique improves circulation and reduces inflammation.

However, special precaution must be taken when using gua sha around the eye area to ensure one is not pressing too hard or massaging too close to the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and the eye itself has many nerves such that when touched, it can be painful.

Applying gua sha too close to the eye can damage and bruise the skin. Gua sha can also irritate the eyeball causing redness and swelling. If too much pressure is applied, the massage technique can even cause a blood vessel to burst in the white part of the eye.

Always use a gentle and light touch when attempting gua sha around the eye area. With any new treatment or face regime, please consult with a professional before doing it on your own.


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