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Revolutionize Your Eye Care Routine: The Benefits of Glaucoma Exams 100% Covered by MSP at @ 180 Optometry in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC

Updated: Mar 4

Are you in search of hassle-free glaucoma care in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, BC? Look no further! Our dedicated optometry clinic offers comprehensive glaucoma exams 100% covered by MSP, providing ongoing care with just a one time referral from a family physician or a nurse practitioner.

Why Choose Our Glaucoma Care?

  • Streamlined Ongoing Care: Unlike the frequent referrals required for ophthalmologist visits, our optometrist provides continuous glaucoma care with only one referral necessary, ensuring ongoing coverage and convenience for our patients.

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Our new optical coherence tomographer (OCT) allows comprehensive glaucoma monitoring and management at our office. No need to get a separate appointment at an ophthalmologist office.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Equipped with advanced technology including OCT, visual field machine, pachymetry, and Goldmann tonometry, our clinic offers comprehensive monitoring and management of glaucoma, all under one roof.

  • Expertise in Treatment: Dr. Yee is certified to prescribe therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for glaucoma treatment, providing convenient refills on glaucoma eye drop medication and ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for her patients.

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No more frequent and inconvenient referrals to an ophthalmologist office

Why Choose an Optometrist Over an Ophthalmologist?

  • Convenience: With Dr. Yee, you can avoid the hassle of frequent referrals and enjoy the convenience of continuous care, making the management of glaucoma much more streamlined and hassle-free.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Our advanced equipment and expertise allow for comprehensive and regular monitoring of glaucoma, ensuring early detection and effective management of the condition.

Book Your Glaucoma Exam Today

Don't settle for inconvenient and tedious glaucoma care. Experience the practical and patient friendly expertise of our optometry clinic in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC.

Have your family doctor or nurse practitioner email over a referral to to start the process of scheduling your glaucoma exam 100% covered by MSP!

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