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It's Coming!.....Pain-free Myopia Control Continues!

There is now a second SOFT contact lens option that has been approved by Health Canada to control myopia!!!

Let the pain free myopia management continue!! Ortho-K is no longer the only option...glasses and soft contact lenses are proven to be very comparable options.

According to their study, Johnson & Johnson Vision has developed Abiliti 1-Day soft contact lenses with novel RingBoost™ technology, in which the light passing through the outer treatment zones is focused in front of the retina but off the line of sight. The unique optical properties of RingBoost™ technology are directly linked to the potential to slow the progression of myopia.5 In fact, in as little as six months, Abiliti™ 1-Day reduced axial elongation by 0.105mm on average. Generally speaking, 0.18mm corresponds to approximately 0.5D of myopia.†,2

@ 180 Optometry and Eyewear is determined to be proactive against myopia and is constantly looking for the latest technology for our young patients. Visit our website's homepage and book a myopia management consult to see if your child is right for Acuvue's Abiliti 1-Day soft contact lens!

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