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Is Myopia Management Safe for Children?

When is the right time to start myopia control in children?

The best time to start treating myopia in children is when they are first diagnosed with myopia. Starting myopia control early can help protect a child's eye health in the future and helps slow the progression of myopia. If your child is nearsighted, your optometrist may prescribe a variety of pain-free treatments to control myopia. With many painless options available today, there is no risk that children will not be able to get used to controlling myopia.

An inexpensive and effective way to slow the progression of myopia, are eyeglass lenses. They offer a quick and painless solution to correcting and controlling myopia. Myopia can be controlled by wearing glasses full-time. Eyeglass lenses deflect light entering the eye, directing it onto and in front of the retina, reducing eye strain and slowing the progression of myopia. Glasses are also an inexpensive way to control myopia as they are often covered by health insurance. In addition, the lenses are comfortable and easy to adjust, allowing children to adapt to myopia controlling lenses as quickly as ordinary spectacle lenses.

In general, glasses are the best first step in controlling your child's myopia. They're an inexpensive, quick and painless way to correct and slow down the progression of myopia.

Detecting and diagnosing myopia early is essential for any myopia control strategy to be effective. Book an eye exam for your child at today.

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