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What is Apple's Screen Distance Feature & How Does it Slow Myopia Progression?

Apple has recently made its 'Screen Distance' feature accessible to users, a mere six months after announcing new mental and vision health features for its digital devices. This function, similar to the TrueDepth camera used for Face ID, encourages users to maintain a screen distance of more than 12 inches from their device after extended use.

The goal of this feature is to encourage young users to develop healthy viewing habits, potentially slowing the progression of myopia. It also targets adults, aiming to alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Wondering how it functions? When a user holds their device too close, an alert appears on the screen, obstructing their view. To dismiss this alert, Apple instructs users to move their device more than 12 inches away and tap 'continue' on the screen.

You may be curious about which Apple products these new features are compatible with. Currently, they are available on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 devices.

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