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Advantages of Soft Contacts for Children as Young as 6 Years of Age

There's been a longstanding myth that contact lenses are not appropriate for children. So glasses, on average, would be a parent's first choice.

Your child may be annoyed when wearing glasses during sports and dance, but is it a problem? Are their glasses always, dirty, crooked, or broken? Does it irritate them when their glasses immediately fog up after they return home from the cold? Do your children want to wear sunglasses in the summer or goggles for winter sports?

If your child has trouble adjusting to glasses, you may need to consider contact lenses.

Here are 5 reasons why contacts should be considered:

1) it's a safe option to correct for myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and certain focusing issues.

2) wearing contact lenses can boost your child's self-esteem, improve athletic performance, and even slow the progression of myopia.

3) children with contact lenses do not have to worry about their glasses slipping or fogging up during physical activity.

4) daily disposable soft contact lenses allows parents to be certain of correct contact lens hygiene, as it reduces the risk of eye infections.

5) wider field of vision is achieved with contacts compared to wearing glasses.

Soft contact lenses are a safe option for children to improve and make the most out of their vision.

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