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50 Tips to Keep your eyes and vision healthy in 2023

1. Get a comprehensive eye exam at least

once a year.

2. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiation.

3. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, particularly dark, leafy greens.

4. Limit your exposure to blue light from digital screens.

5. Rest your eyes periodically by looking away from the screen for a few minutes.

6.Wear protective eyewear for activities like sports or woodworking.

7. Quit smoking to reduce your risk of developing eye diseases.

8. Make sure your contact lenses fit properly and replace them regularly.

9. Keep your blood sugar levels in check to prevent diabetic eye diseases.

10. Wear hats and other protective clothing when outdoors to shield your eyes from the sun.

11. If you wear glasses, choose lenses that are designed for computer use.

12. Take regular breaks from contact lenses and wear them as prescribed.

13. Keep your eyes moisturized with artificial tears or eye drops.

14. Utilize the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

15. Be mindful of your family’s eye health history and be aware of any potential risks.

16. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as it can cause irritation and infections.

17. Get enough sleep to ensure your eyes are well-rested and functioning properly.

18. Clean your eyeglasses regularly and be mindful of the cleaning chemicals you use.

19. Pay attention to any eye symptoms and contact your doctor if you experience any unusual changes.

20. Always read the instructions carefully when using any eye medications.

21. If you experience any vision changes, consult your doctor immediately.

22. Be aware of any allergies or sensitivities that may affect your eyes.

23. Wear safety goggles when swimming to protect your eyes from chlorine.

24. Keep your distance from the TV or computer if you experience headaches or eyestrain.

25. Avoid sleeping with your contact lenses in.

26. Adjust the brightness and contrast of your computer monitor for comfortable viewing.

27. Use eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated and reduce the risk of dry eyes.

28. Take extra precautions if you’re working in an environment with dust or fumes.

29. If you wear glasses, make sure you have an updated prescription.

30. Consider investing in a pair of computer glasses to reduce eyestrain.

31. Consider investing in a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare.

32. Clean your contact lenses properly and replace them as often as prescribed.

33. Make sure that your workstation is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on your eyes.

34. Wear eye protection when welding or engaging in other activities that could cause sparks.

35. Wear safety goggles when working with hazardous chemicals.

36. Don’t wear decorative contact lenses without consulting an eye doctor first.

37. Be mindful of any over-the-counter eye drops that you may be using.

38. Check the expiration date on any eye medications that you are using.

39. Wear safety glasses when playing sports or engaging in other activities that could pose a risk to your eyes.

40. Make sure the lenses in your glasses are clean and free of any scratches or abrasions.

41. Throw away old makeup to avoid any potential eye infections.

42. Over-the-counter reading glasses are not sufficient for long periods of reading.

43. Remove all eye makeup thoroughly before going to bed.

44. Remember to blink when working on a computer for long periods of time.

45. Ensure room lighting is bright when you are reading or on the computer.

46. If you are straining to see something, and you have glasses, put them on.

47. Keep your glasses away from your dog, they will eat and destroy them.

48. If you wear contact lenses full-time, give your eyes a break from them by wearing your glasses at least one day/week.

49. Those with high prescriptions should have an up-to-date backup pair of eyeglasses.

50. Never take your vision for granted, being proactive about your eye health will preserve your sight for a long time.


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