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5 Tips to Choose The Right Eyeglass Frame

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

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1) Decide if you want to go bold or conservative

  • Plastic frames are more statement pieces

  • Metal frames are thinner, a more conservative choice

  • Rimless frames are good for first time eyeglass wearers

2) Choose a frame that complements your hair colour and skin tone

  • Cool skin tones go well with black, purple, forest green, & navy colored frames

  • Warmer skin tones go well with tortoise, dark red, tan, & blush pink frames

  • Those with dark hair look better with black, gold, or dark grey frames

  • Those with blond hair should stick with softer shades

  • If in doubt, black frames match everything

3) Pick a frame that is opposite your face shape

  • Those with round faces, choose a square frame

  • Chiseled faces (predominate jawline), choose a rounder frame

  • Diamond shaped faces (cheekbones widest point & chin is pointed), choose an aviator frame

4) Consider your lifestyle

  • If you are active, consider a lightweight frame with nose pads so they don't slip

5) What type of lenses do you need?

  • Progressive lenses need frames that are deeper to fit all three zones

  • Single vision reading lenses that are not always worn would be better protected with a full rimmed frame

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