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What Contact Lenses Should and Should Not Feel Like

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

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Attention new contact lens wearers or those who currently wear contacts! Here are some tips to know if you're wearing the right contact lens for you...

Contact Lenses Should...

  1. be comfortable upon insertion

  2. provide consistent clear vision while wearing them

  3. feel natural and fairly comfortable during the first 6-8 hours of wear

  4. start to feel dry after 8 hours of wear and from staring at a computer all day. Time to remove them!

Contact Lenses Should Not...

  1. feel painful on your eye

  2. cause your eyes to go red and irritated

  3. feel dry or scratchy after 20 minutes of wear

  4. feel like they are excessively moving around after each blink

  5. get caught under your eyelid

  6. fall out after blinking

  7. cause your eyes to tear all day

If any of the above occurs, please see your optometrist for a contact lens consult to be properly fitted.

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