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What Can Cause a Droopy Eyelid? A Contact Lens Found 28 Years Later!

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A 42 year old woman from the U.K. visited an ophthalmologist complaining that her left eyelid had been swollen and drooping for about six months. Upon examination, the ophthalmologist diagnosed it as an upper eyelid cyst, a very common condition, and decided to surgically remove it.

However, once the cyst was removed, it contained an extremely fragile hard contact lens inside.

The woman had no idea how the contact lens got there since she stopped wearing them at age 14 when she lost a contact lens after being hit in the eye with a shuttlecock during a badminton game.

The doctors concluded that "the [contact] lens migrated into the patient's left upper eyelid at the time of trauma and [remained there] for the last 28 years". Why the contact lens remained dormant in the patient's upper eyelid for this long is unknown.

The woman did note that she suffered a droopy upper eyelid (aka ptosis) ever since the badminton incident but she assumed it was 'insignificant'. 

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